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FAQ - The ports system

Table of contents

1. How do I publish my own ports?

Create a httpup repository and register it with the ports database. Basically you just make a directory which contains your ports, run httpup-repgen <directory> to generate an index file and upload the directory in your personal web space. It's as simple as that. More detailed infos here.

2. How do I add someone else's repository to my ports system?

Install httpup and put the corresponding .httpup file in your /etc/ports directory. Running ports -u should now make the ports available in /usr/ports/<repository>. If you are using prt-get, you might want to add the port directory to /etc/prt-get.conf e.g. prtdir /path/to/repository.

3. How do I install packages using dependencies?

Use prt-get (depends or deptree to check the dependencies and depinst to actually install them) from the opt tree (opt/prt-get).

4. How do I build either KDE or GNOME?

Follow the instructions for either GNOME? or KDE.

5. How can I have more control over my packages?

prt-utils is a good place to start and have a look at our ToolsAndScripts page.

6. I'm behind a restrictive firewall. Is there any way for me to update ports?

Have a look at our httpup page.

7. I just realized a port is out of date.

If the port is from the core, opt or xorg collections, this is considered a bug. Feel free to report it using the ticket system. Please make sure there isn't already a bug report for this version difference. Also note that all CRUX team members only work on CRUX in their free time, so the respective person might already know about the new version (submitting a bug report an hour after the release doesn't make any sense).

A good "new version out" bug report also contains a note whether it is enough to just update the version in the Pkgfile. Important: If the update is security related, please contact the port maintainer directly (and immediately).