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Before downloading CRUX please read the CRUX Handbook (chapter 3 - Installing CRUX) to make sure your hardware is supported and to make sure you know how to install it.

CRUX 3.7

Official Images


Francemirrors.ircam.frHTTPS, HTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Ports only, no ISO)
Germanyftp.spline.inf.fu-berlin.deHTTPS, HTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Greececc.uoc.grHTTPS, HTTP, FTP(Full mirror)
Italycrux.mirror.garr.itHTTPS(Full mirror)
Kazakhstanmirror.neolabs.kzHTTPS, HTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
UKmirrorservice.orgHTTPS, HTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
USmirror.belltower.usHTTPS, HTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror, IPv6 supported)
USmorpheus.netHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Primary)

If you have some diskspace to spare, and a serious commitment to provide a long term mirror, please consider setting up a CRUX mirror. Contact one of the developers to be added to the list above.

Unofficial Updated ISOs

Unofficial ISOs of the current CRUX release built with updated packages can be found at These are technically unsupported but usually contain either no changes aside from package updates, or minor functionality changes to the kernel or similar.

Previous Releases

Older releases of CRUX are still available. Have a look here.