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FAQ - General

Table of contents

1. Why the name “CRUX”?

Sorry, there's no interesting story behind the name. Per chose it simply because he thought it sounded cool, it was short, it was fairly easy to remember and it had the mandatory X in the end to make it UNIX/Linux-ish ;)

2. When will the next version be released?

Well, the standard answer to this question is “when it's done”. New versions are however usually released every 3 or 4 months. Between releases, updated packages are made available through the ports system.

3. Is it called CRUX Linux or CRUX GNU/Linux?

None of the above. It's called CRUX, no more no less.

4. I heard CRUX was based on Slackware, is that true?

No, that's incorrect. CRUX was built from scratch and has never been based on any other Linux distribution.

5. Why isn't there an active forum?

Most of the developers and users prefer mailing lists over forums. It's much simpler to follow discussion when using a mailing list--forums require constant polling if you are trying to stay up to date about what's happening.

6. I can't figure something out! Where do I get more help?

First off try searching the mailing lists. Browsing the archives ( provides a nice, searchable archive) is always a good way to start. If that doesn't work, try asking in one of the IRC channels.

7. How can I help the CRUX project?

Create ports and maintain a repository of your own, help people on the mailing list and in the IRC channels and write documentation.

8. How can I join the CRUX project?

Maintain a personal port repository for a while, make sure that your ports adhere to the port guidelines and contact the CRUX team.