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Mailing lists

The CRUX mailing lists are intended for people using CRUX to help each other, share information, suggest improvements and report bugs.
A list of available lists can be found on the listinfo page.


To subscribe/unsubscribe please visit the mailing list web page. To send a message to the mailing list, use the matching address for the list, e.g. crux(a) NOTE! You have to subscribe to the list to be able to post messages to it.

List Archives

To view previously sent messages take a look at the list archive:

You may also find the IRC channels helpful.

Usage guidelines

Please take the time to read this short section to make the mailing list more pleasant for everyone.



Problem reporting

Try to give a clear and detailed description of your problem. Investigate (using google) who else had this problem, to give a better background. Read for general hints on how to report issues.