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pkgutils is a set of utilities, which are used for managing software packages in Linux. It was initially developed and maintained by Per Lidén and is used by the CRUX distribution. These programs are licensed through the GNU General Public License. You can follow its development with the pkgutils git repository.

FAQ - pkgutils

Table of contents

1. How can I store sources and packages in dedicated directories?

Edit /etc/pkgmk.conf. Change this part:


To this:


Finally create the directories:

 # mkdir /usr/ports/{distfiles,packages,work}

2. I got a footprint mismatch, what's wrong?

Have a close look at the mismatch. If there are lots of new files, it's probably just because you have some software installed the packager didn't, which is no problem at all. In this case, just ignore or update the footprint (see the manpages of pkgmk and pkgmk.conf, most noteworthy the PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW option) and install it. If you're missing a lot of files, make sure you have all dependencies installed. Also make sure you built the package as root.

3. I got an md5sum mismatch, what's wrong?

The md5sum is a security feature, so you shouldn't just ignore this one. The package you downloaded could be manipulated. But there are other reasons why this can happen, without a malicious action: the download might have failed (try to decompress the tarball to see whether is is corrupt), or the requested file might have been changed on the server without its name being changed; this usually happens for things like theme-packs which change constantly without getting another name.