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Table of contents

1. Introduction

httpup is a simple program to synchronize data in one direction. It uses HTTP as transport, using libcurl as backend.

If you just like to synchronize a httpup-collection, it should be enough to read the next section only.

2. How to update your local copy

Obviously you need to have a working installation of httpup.

To synchronize a httpup repository with a local directory, just pass those two arguments to the httpup command:

$ httpup URL target-directory

2.1. Examples

$ httpup /tmp/ports

3. How to create a repository

To create repository, either run httpup-repgen in the directory where your repository is, or pass an additional parameter where httpup-repgen should create a repository.

$ httpup-repgen [directory]

3.1. Ignoring files

To avoid inclusion of certain files in the repository, httpup-repgen has a mechanism to ignore certain file patterns. It checks two files for ignore expressions: first .httpup-repgen-ignore in the repository base directory, then $HOME/.httpup-repgen-ignore. These files can contain regular expressions which will be fed to grep(1) to filter out matches. If for example you'd like to ignore all files ending on '.tar.gz', you'd add the following to your .httpup-ignore-expression:


Every line can contain one expression, so in the end, a typical ignore file might look like the following:


The ignore file is ignored automatically.

3.2. Recommended setup

While this is no requirement, the following setup has proven to help avoiding errors during ports publication: First of all, define a location where your ports live in your local file system (I keep mine in $HOME/build/upload). Define some ignore expressions (see the previous paragraph for more information), to make sure you're only including the files you really want. You may keep this directory under revision control, e.g. using CVS, subversion, monotone etc.

Second, choose a tool to syncronize this repository to the remote server. There are a few tools available with support for different network protocols: rsync, unison, weex. There's also a dedicated tool called htup written by Nick Steves which automates those steps.

3.3. Examples

Create a repository in the current directory:

$ httpup-repgen

Create a repository in /tmp/repo:

$ httpup-repgen /tmp/repo

4. Example supfile for the httpup ports driver

# /etc/ports/jw.httpup: Johannes Winkelmann's port collection


# End of file

5. Copyright and licensing

5.1. Copyright

Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Johannes Winkelmann,

5.2. License

httpup is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.