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2014-07-16: CRUX 3.1 released

CRUX 3.1 has been released! Check out the Release Notes, ChangeLog and Handbook. To download CRUX 3.1, head over here.

2013-09-12: Short Server downtime

After a hard disk failure we had to shut down the server for a short time. Once again Charlie from Kalmar NDC quickly replaced the disk things for us. Huge thanks!

2013-01-18: CRUX 3.0 released

We have released CRUX 3.0! Please check out the the Release Notes, the ChangeLog and the Handbook, and download CRUX 3.0 right here.

2012-10-24: CRUX 2.8 final released

CRUX 2.8 has been released! Please have a look at the ChangeLog, Release Notes and Handbook, and download CRUX 2.8 right here.

2011-12-24: Small Server downtime

A hard disk failure forced us to take the server down for a short time, thanks to Charlie and his son from Kalmar NDC the exchange was no problem at all. Thanks to both of you for the "christmas gift"!

2011-11-25: CRUX 2.7.1 released

We have released CRUX 2.7.1! Please check out the ChangeLog, the Release Notes and the Handbook, and download CRUX 2.7.1 right here.

2010-10-02: CRUX 2.7 released

We have released CRUX 2.7! Please check out the ChangeLog, the Release Notes and the Handbook, and download CRUX 2.7 right here.

2010-04-17: Announcing downtime for hardware maintenance

Due to a hard disk failure the Server hosting, the Ports repositories and bugtracker will require some maintenance. It is scheduled to start at Apr 17th 2010 18:30 CEST and last for about three hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update: The upgrade went just fine. We want to thank Kalmar NDC and Charlie for the great support and upgrading our Server with new disks!

2009-09-08: CRUX 2.6 released

CRUX 2.6 has been released. Please check out the ChangeLog, the Release Notes and the Handbook. For download links, head this way.

2008-12-18: CRUX 2.5 released

Twelve months after the last release, today we published CRUX 2.5. Please check out the ChangeLog, the Release Notes and the Handbook, and download CRUX 2.5 right here.

2008-05-15: MTA issues

We believe we had a problem with's MTA setup. A couple of subscribers have been unsubscribed from our mailing lists because couldn't deliver mail to them. We believe that we fixed the original problem, and that other MTAs on the planet should be able to love us again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2008-05-03: Flyspray privileges changes

We have tweaked and fixed our bug tracker somewhat: Every user now has the necessary privileges to assign bugs to anyone. Also, the contrib members have been "promoted" from the reporters group to the developers group. In addition, Johannes Winkelmann has volunteered to help with bug triaging. These changes should help cutting down the number of bugs that go unnoticed. If you just reported a bug and know who might be responsible for it, please go ahead and assign it right away.

2007-12-22: CRUX 2.4 released

We have released CRUX 2.4! Please check out the ChangeLog, the Release Notes and the Handbook, and download CRUX 2.4 right here.

2007-03-20: CRUX 2.3 final released

CRUX 2.3 has been released! Please have a look at the ChangeLog, Release Notes and Handbook.

2006-10-18: Public-Area is open now

Do you want improve your CRUX-knowledge, or give some hints back to the community ? Do it here!

2006-10-17: PageIndex is added

In the bottom-line you can find a link to the PageIndex of the group.

2006-05-22: Mailing lists moved to

All mailing lists are now hosted on; for detailed information, please read this

2006-04-13: CRUX 2.2 for i586

CRUX 2.2 is now also available for i586. You will find the ISO image in the download section.

2006-04-09: CRUX 2.2 final released

We are happy to announce that after a long time in development, CRUX 2.2 is finally released. The highlights of this release include udev support out of the box, GCC 4.0.3, glibc 2.3.6 and X11R6.9. For more information, have a look at the release notes.

We are also sad to report that Per Lidén, the creator of CRUX, has retired from the project because of personal reasons (see his mail). CRUX will, however, live on as a team effort developed by the former CLC (CRUX Linux Community) team. We wish Per good luck in his future endeavours and thank him for providing a stable base for us to improve on.

2006-03-28: Test releases of CRUX 2.2

A test release of CRUX 2.2 is available for download and testing from here. Please read the announcement.

2005-12-13: Ports tree now hosted on

The ports tree for core and opt are now hosted on this server. Check out the ServerMigration document for detailed informations about this switch. If you're interested, you can also read the announcement.

2005-11-10: New server up and running

The new server for is up and running. You are looking at the new Trac/Wiki based web pages with Subversion integration. There might still be documents/files on the old servers that haven't been moved yet but most of it should be here and working by now.

2005-11-05: CRUXCon 2005

The annual CRUXCon event started today. We're in New Bedford/Boston this year. The main task for this year's get together is to get the new server up and running that will host both the old and CLC. This will require quite a lot of work, but we hope to find time to discuss other things as well.

2005-04-26: CRUX 2.1 for i486, i586 and x86_64

CRUX 2.1 is now also available for i486 (with uClibc), i586 and x86_64. You will find these ISO images in the download section.

2005-04-25: CRUX 2.1 Released

I'm happy to announce that CRUX 2.1 is finally here. See the change log for a complete list of changes since the last release. Go to the download section to download the ISO image (~222MB). Please use a Download mirror.

2005-04-23: CRUX x86_64 2.1 Release Candidate 1.5

Jeremy Jones has contributed a CRUX ISO for the x86_64 architecture. This ISO is a release candidate based on the upcoming CRUX 2.1. For further information have a look at the README file. The ISO is available in the download section.