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Before downloading CRUX please read the CRUX Handbook (chapter 2 - Installing CRUX) to make sure your hardware is supported and to make sure you know how to install it.

CRUX 3.0

Official Images


Australiemirrors-au.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror), HTTP(Full mirror), HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Brazilmirrors-br.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Francemirrors.ircam.frFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Germanycode-monkey.deFTP, RSYNC(Master)
Germanyde-mirror.orgFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Germanyftp.spline.inf.fu-berlin.deFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Germanyambiweb.deHTTP(Full mirror)
Germanyserverop.deHTTP(iso only)
Greececc.uoc.grFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Italymirror.garr.itFTP, HTTP(Full mirror)
Japanmirrors.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Japanmirror.sterneck.asiaHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
Kazakhstanmirror.neolabs.kzFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror), FTP(Full mirror)
Russiaindustrium.ruFTP, HTTP(Full mirror)
Russiamirrors-ru.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
UKmirrorservice.orgFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
UKmirrors-uk.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
USl00nix.comHTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
USmirrorcatalogs.comFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
USmirrors-usa.go-parts.comHTTP, FTP, RSYNC(Full mirror)
USmorpheus.netFTP, HTTP, RSYNC(Master)

If you have some diskspace to spare, please consider setting up a CRUX mirror. You can use rsync to mirror the ftp site (rsync:// or Contact one of the developers to be added to the list above.

Previous Releases

Older releases of CRUX are still available. Have a look here.