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Release Notes for CRUX 2.7


This page discusses the relevant changes introduced in CRUX 2.7. Everybody upgrading from the previous release is advised to carefully read the following notes.

Toolchain updates

CRUX 2.7 includes glibc 2.12.1, gcc 4.5.1 and binutils 2.20.1




CRUX 2.7 ships with Xorg 7.5 and xorg-server 1.9.0.


To save space, all packages shipped with the image are compressed with xz, which requires a new version of pkgutils. A gz compressed package of pkgutils has been placed the /tools subdirectory.

Besides the usual ISO image, an image suitable for USB thumbdrives is available from our download mirrors.

Incompatible changes

Important libraries have been updated to new major versions, which are not ABI compatible with the old versions. We strongly advise against manually updating to CRUX 2.7 via ports, since these changes will temporarily break the system.

Important changes

Known issues