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Getting started with the wiki section


Johannes Winkelmann

1. Goals

CRUX is used in many different scenarios and places, some of which require special knowledge. This wiki section is here to allow everyone to contribute their knowledge to a pool of documentation which can be helpful for others.

1.1. What should be added here

Any kind of information describing how to solve a problem, starting from the installation over maintenance tasks to specific uses of CRUX (e.g. using CRUX as a MythTV set-top box), from small tips to long HOWTOs. When in doubt, have a look at the existing pages.

1.2. What should not be added here

This place really is for CRUX related documentation, so general HOWTOs should be placed elsewhere. This is not supposed to be a website for subprojects like uCRUX or ports to other architectures, either. Also note that if you plan to discuss a new project you'd like to start with others (i.e. a GUI to ports(8)), this is not the right place.

Documents placed here should be written for the target audience of CRUX, so don't place basic documentation here like "how do I add a user in CRUX" etc.

2. First steps

2.1. Register an account

[TBD: how to register an account]

While this is no requirement, we suggest to use <FirstnameLastname> as your wiki name. Feel free to also create a profile page by clicking on your wiki name in the top right corner of the page.

Finally, avoid using developers' names or nicks as your login names.

2.2. Get an overview of existing pages and categories

It's a good idea to have a look at some pages in order to get a feeling for the structure and level of detail of other articles.

2.3. Guidelines for 'public' pages

There are a couple of do's and don'ts for this wiki we ask you to respect.

2.3.1. Help others

This is a wiki, so please add notes to existing pages, or questions or discussion items

2.3.2. Respect each other

Respect other contributors, and be friendly to each other. Take flamewars someplace else.

2.3.3. Be neutral

When adding articles, try to stay neutral. Present the problem and your solution to it. Don't try to sell your solution as "better" than others. Also avoid phrases like "the CRUX way" and similar unless you're in a position to do that :-).

2.3.4. Don't depend on unofficial package management

Articles here should use the officially endorsed and supported package management/ports chain, i.e. core/pkgutils, core/ports, core/prt-get, since they're available on every system. If you prefer a particular fork of pkgutils for example, that's perfectly fine, but you must not depend on it here.

2.3.5. Don't seduce poor users with experimental stuff :-)

Be aware that new users might read this, so if you do experimental things, make sure this is obvious and diverges from the the officially recommended way (i.e. if you suggest using svn to get ports to keep changes and the like, or to sysup from one release to another).

2.3.6. Present solutions; don't just present tools or programs

If you've written a nice tool for CRUX, that's great. However, this is not a software forum, so please present it from a problem/solution point of view. For example instead of writing an article on httpup write one on how to create a personal ports repository using httpup.

3. Create your first page

3.1. Authorship

We suggest that the articles list their authors on top in order to make it easier to discuss them.

3.2. Choose a category

In order to make the public section easier to navigate, categories can be used.

[TBD: describe which categories we have, and how to specify a category]

[TBD: how to cope with missing categories]

3.3. Short summary for the listing

[TBD: describe how to specify a description which appears on the page list]

3.4. Content

3.4.1. Syntax notes