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Categories: General

Tracking development via RSS


Johannes Winkelmann


Track Git, the bug tracker and/or the wiki via RSS


First, you need an RSS reader; there's a nice extension for firefox called Sage, however, there are many other readers available, including a number of free web based ones. Opera also has a nice built-in RSS reader. SnowNews is also a nice command line reader that uses the curses interface.

The git feeds

You can subscribe to several feeds, these feeds are available at:

Simply click on the project you're interested in following and follow the "RSS" logo/link, copying the link into your favourite RSS reader.

The bug tracker feed

To follow the changes in the bugtracker, use the following URL: (if you wish to track the contrib collection's bug reports, use proj=2, if you want to track both, use proj=0)

The Wiki feed

You can either subscribe to the whole wiki, or to single sections; the URLs for this are:

Note: The wiki rss links appear to be broken at this moment.