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prt-utils is a collection of scripts for CRUX, mainly oriented towards package and port management. prt-utils is available via the CRUX port repository, in the opt collection.


Please refer to the manual pages included in the package.

Included scripts

dllistJohannes WinkelmannList files to be downloaded to install a port
finddepsJohannes WinkelmannFind actual dependencies for a port
findredundantdepsHan Boetes, Johannes WinkelmannFind unnecessary dependencies of a port
oldfilesSimone RotaList old sources and packages from centralized dirs
pkg_installedHan BoetesSymlinks the installed ports to /usr/ports/installed
pkgexportAndrew GreenBuild a binary package from installed files
pkgfosterJukka HeinoScript to clean up orphaned packages, i.e.packages which no other package depends on.
pkgsizeDamir SaricCalculates the disk usage of a installed package
portspageJukka HeinoGenerates a html index for a directory containing ports
prtcheckMartin OpelDoes some sanity checks on a complete port: it checks the footprint file and checks the important fields in a Pkgfile.
prtcheckmissingMartin OpelChecks for missing files
prtcreateMartin OpelCreates a Pkgfile from a template for new ports
prtorphanMartin OpelChecks for orphaned packages or files on your system. Orphaned packages are installed packages, for which no port exists and orphaned files are files, which are existent in the system package database.
prtrejMarkus Ackermann, Martin OpelIt helps to update insert/update config files, which have been rejected by pkgadd.
prtsweepMartin OpelRemoves old files from the ports tree.
prtverifyJürgen DaubertValidator for CRUX ports with an extensive set of test. Works on the port and tree level.
prtwashSimone RotaCleans up a ports tree
revdepJames BurenChecks for missing / wrong libraries of installed packages