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Category: General

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Mikhail Kolesnik


It is a list of common steps someone might want to perform just after the first boot (an extended and updated version of Jukka Heino's text found somewhere in the google's cache). Take it as an example and adjust to your needs with care.


It's recommended to select opt/sudo during install. You'll be able to skip some steps if it's not a cleanly installed system.
  1. Add a pkgmk user and group for building ports without root privileges
    # groupadd pkgmk
    # useradd -m -g pkgmk pkgmk
  2. Set up fakeroot building in /etc/prt-get.conf
    makecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk
  3. Set up source and package directories in /etc/pkgmk.conf
  4. Make the directories
    # mkdir /home/pkgmk/{distfiles,packages,work}
    # chown pkgmk:pkgmk /home/pkgmk/*
    # chmod 775 /home/pkgmk/*
  5. Optional: enable contrib repository
    # mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync
  6. Retrieve ports
    # ports -u
  7. Get fakeroot
    # cd /usr/ports/opt/fakeroot
    # pkgmk -d -i
  8. Some people like to enable extra permissions for wheel group in /etc/sudoers
    %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
  9. Add a normal user
    # useradd -m -G wheel,pkgmk -s /bin/bash jukka
    # passwd jukka