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Building ports as an unprivileged user


Jukka Heino

The standard behaviour for CRUX is to build ports as the root user. This is bad because a malicious or badly designed port could overwrite files in your system or install untracked files outside the package tree. A much safer option is to build ports as an unprivileged user. The fakeroot package allows you to do this by faking root permissions for a normal user.

pkgmk with fakeroot

To build ports as an unprivileged user, install fakeroot. Now you can build packages by prepending the command line with fakeroot. Note that the command has to be invoked as a normal user to be effective.

 $ fakeroot pkgmk -d

prt-get with fakeroot

To extend unprivileged port building to prt-get installations (e.g. prt-get sysup, depinst, install, update...), you need to start by installing prt-get, fakeroot and sudo. Add a pkgmk user and make sure it can write in the package and source directories (you need to set up dedicated directories in /etc/pkgmk.conf for this to work, see the pkgutils section of our FAQ).

 $ useradd -m -s /bin/false pkgmk
 $ chown pkgmk /usr/ports/{distfiles,packages,work}

Add this to /etc/prt-get.conf:

 makecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk

Now all future runs of prt-get will build packages as an unprivileged user.