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Nick Steeves

I began using CRUX January of 2004; began working on my own ports very soon after, and wrote htup to make httpup port repository maintenance less repetitious; started submitting patches for CLC ports by February; and finally joined CLC in October. In December, I began maintaining Daniel Müller's KDE ports, and have been doing my best to provide KDE ports and documentation which will help one to build one of the fastest, most stable, and versatile desktop environments out there. The fastest, most stable, and versatile GNU/Linux distribution deserves nothing less, right? The README found in ports/opt/kdelibs/README will always be the most up to date CRUX guide to KDE. The KDE ports for CRUX? document is updated for every 3.x release. You might notice, from the screenshot on that page, that my tastes are a bit different from the stereotypical KDE user. ;-)

I retired from CRUX development September 17th, 2006.