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19:55Changeset xorg.git 165e..8ca1 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: mesa3d: updated to 18.3.2
14:40Changeset opt.git 1194..407e committed by Juergen Daubert: ppp: fix build with glibc 2.28
14:11Changeset opt.git f7e1..0651 committed by Juergen Daubert: jfsutils: fix signature
14:10Changeset opt.git 68d2..7344 committed by Juergen Daubert: jfsutils: fix build with glibc 2.28
08:55Changeset opt.git b9dd..8756 committed by Juergen Daubert: reiserfsprogs: fix build with glibc 2.28
08:20Changeset opt.git a02f..f7b6 committed by Juergen Daubert: fetchmail: fix build with openssl 1.1.1
07:51Changeset opt.git f73d..c624 committed by Juergen Daubert: fdm: update to latest from git, version 1.9.32
07:48Changeset opt.git 3768..6033 committed by Juergen Daubert: flash-player-plugin: update to
22:10Task 1711 modified by ThomasPenteker
22:10Task 1711 closed by ThomasPenteker
22:06Changeset opt.git b764..f067 committed by Thomas Penteker: [notify] irssi: 1.0.7 -> 1.1.2 fixes CVE-2019-5882
22:01Changeset opt.git 0454..1ac6 committed by Thomas Penteker: qemu-agent: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.0
22:01Changeset opt.git cca5..d31f committed by Thomas Penteker: qemu: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.0
22:00Changeset opt.git b83a..c811 committed by Thomas Penteker: qemu-all: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.0
21:05Changeset compat-32.git 142a..b2ec committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 415.27
21:04Changeset opt.git 5319..66e9 committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-sl: updated to version 415.27
11:23Changeset opt.git cd3f..bc77 committed by Juergen Daubert: tevent: update to 0.9.38
11:23Changeset opt.git c705..f6b0 committed by Juergen Daubert: tdb: update to 1.3.17
11:23Changeset opt.git 1f11..4ada committed by Juergen Daubert: talloc: update to 2.1.15
11:22Changeset opt.git 7a27..5c1a committed by Juergen Daubert: jdk: update to 1.8.0_202
11:22Changeset opt.git 52ad..88d3 committed by Juergen Daubert: jre: update to 1.8.0_202
20:03Changeset opt.git 47c1..b033 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 2.0.1
20:03Changeset opt.git dd54..44a1 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: gtk3: updated to 3.24.3
15:11Changeset iso.git 4169..05b4 committed by Matt Housh: Added dbus-glib to packages.opt, updated iso/setup.dependencies
14:10Changeset core.git 181b..ee66 committed by Juergen Daubert: openssh: complete fix for CVE-2018-20685
14:04Changeset opt.git 6063..5e53 committed by Juergen Daubert: xterm: update to 343
14:02Changeset core.git 972f..bcfb committed by Juergen Daubert: sudo: update to 1.8.27
14:01Changeset core.git 9004..1743 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] openssh: fix for CVE-2018-20685
13:41Task 1700 modified by Predrag Ivanovic
13:40Task 1711 modified by Predrag Ivanovic
13:40New task 1711 opened by Predrag Ivanovic: openssh: CVE-2018-20685
21:52Changeset opt.git 706a..5e9a committed by Danny Rawlins: wine: 4.0-rc5 -> 4.0-rc6
19:41Wiki page Wiki.OrphanedPorts edited by FredrikRinnestam (diff)
17:48Changeset opt.git 859d..9c23 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: lzip: updated to 1.21
11:52Changeset opt.git df44..36aa committed by Juergen Daubert: pear: update to 1.10.7
11:47Changeset opt.git de11..9996 committed by Juergen Daubert: [php] update to 7.2.14
18:32Changeset opt.git 5a4e..fbeb committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: lzlib: updated to 1.11
18:25Wiki page Wiki.OrphanedPorts edited by FredrikRinnestam (diff)
16:01Changeset iso.git 6194..2aef committed by Matt Housh: Added json-c to packages.opt, updated iso/setup.dependencies
22:17Changeset opt.git d683..5616 committed by Thomas Penteker: cryptsetup: new dependency json-c
20:16Changeset opt.git 551e..7e64 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: firefox-bin: updated to 64.0.2
08:31Changeset core.git 1258..fc44 committed by Juergen Daubert: util-linux: update to 2.33.1
08:29Changeset opt.git 37b3..cf33 committed by Juergen Daubert: scite: update to 4.1.3
08:27Wiki page Wiki.TODO35 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff): new dep for cryptsetup
00:53Changeset opt.git ce50..ec7b committed by Thomas Penteker: gnupg: 2.2.11 -> 2.2.12
22:36Wiki page Wiki.TODO35 edited by FredrikRinnestam (diff)
22:25Task 1710 modified by ThomasPenteker
22:25Task 1710 closed by ThomasPenteker
22:22Changeset opt.git 46eb..41a4 committed by Thomas Penteker: cryptsetup: 1.7.5 -> 2.0.6 closes FS#1710
16:44Changeset opt.git 5a3b..121b committed by Juergen Daubert: libsdl2: use bash as CONFIG_SHELL
16:25Changeset core.git 2ac9..1013 committed by Juergen Daubert: man-db: update to 2.8.5
11:27Changeset opt.git 3801..bbf5 committed by Juergen Daubert: samhain: update to 4.3.2
11:13Wiki page Main.Development edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
11:04Changeset opt.git a166..40f8 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-qt5: update to 0.73.0
11:04Changeset opt.git c404..e5b9 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-glib: update to 0.73.0
11:02Changeset opt.git 0c04..fa7d committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] poppler: update to 0.73.0
11:01Changeset opt.git 3c7e..6491 committed by Juergen Daubert: qpdf: update to 8.3.0
10:33Changeset opt.git 5203..1f51 committed by Juergen Daubert: mutt: update to 1.11.2
10:27Changeset core.git 3861..bde3 committed by Juergen Daubert: iproute2: update to 4.20.0
10:26Changeset opt.git 45c5..b9a8 committed by Juergen Daubert: krb5: update to 1.16.3
09:11Wiki page Wiki.TODO35 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
22:20Changeset opt.git 527c..d994 committed by Thomas Penteker: spice-protocol: 0.12.13 -> 0.12.14
21:53Changeset opt.git 6922..07b0 committed by Thomas Penteker: strace: 4.24 -> 4.26
15:12Changeset xorg.git a6ed..b7dd committed by Juergen Daubert: xorg-xcursorgen: update to 1.0.7
15:12Changeset xorg.git bf9d..3dc3 committed by Juergen Daubert: libinput: update to 1.12.5
17:11Task 1710 modified by Erich Eckner
17:11New task 1710 opened by Erich Eckner: cryptsetup is quite old
13:48Changeset core.git 54b9..52eb committed by Juergen Daubert: ed: update to 1.15
13:28Changeset opt.git 58de..1435 committed by Juergen Daubert: xterm: update to 342
13:28Changeset opt.git b062..9aed committed by Juergen Daubert: fuse: update to 2.9.9
13:27Changeset opt.git be4e..dd02 committed by Juergen Daubert: libxml2-python: update to 2.9.9
13:26Changeset opt.git 3c5e..a03a committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] libxml2: update to 2.9.9
06:26Task 1709 modified by John doe
05:21Changeset opt.git 29d6..9bee committed by Danny Rawlins: wine: 4.0-rc3 -> 4.0-rc5
04:01Changeset opt.git 3b7b..c7ee committed by Danny Rawlins: qt5: 5.12.0 <-- 5.11.3 downgraded due to clang dependency on qdoc can not be disabled in qt5
04:00Changeset opt.git 2b4d..ec36 committed by Danny Rawlins: qtwebengine: 5.12.0 <-- 5.11.3 downgraded due to clang dependency on qdoc can not be disabled in qt5
22:33Task 1709 modified by John doe
22:33New task 1709 opened by John doe: please update port libva
04:26Changeset compat-32.git 3a15..25bc committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-32: updated to version 410.93
04:26Changeset opt.git 342e..105a committed by Matt Housh: nvidia: updated to version 410.93

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