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13:44Changeset opt.git 4ae5..fc83 committed by Juergen Daubert: ruby: update to 2.5.3
13:18Changeset core.git 9633..af8c committed by Juergen Daubert: tzdata: update to 2018f
12:32Changeset core.git da7e..7e0b committed by Juergen Daubert: hdparm: update to 9.57
12:32Changeset core.git 2599..3528 committed by Juergen Daubert: ca-certificates: update to 20181017
12:31Changeset opt.git 1592..40a8 committed by Juergen Daubert: tmux: update to 2.8
12:30Changeset opt.git cec8..0eac committed by Juergen Daubert: ruby-doc: update to 2.5.2
12:29Changeset opt.git b01d..0143 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] ruby: update to 2.5.2
17:38Changeset compat-32.git d349..04cb committed by Matt Housh: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.1.7
17:37Changeset opt.git a38f..713f committed by Matt Housh: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.1.7
17:36Changeset opt.git 3ca4..caab committed by Matt Housh: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.1.7
17:36Changeset compat-32.git 8ac6..c0af committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-32: updated to version 410.66
17:34Changeset opt.git 425d..cad1 committed by Matt Housh: nvidia: updated to version 410.66
12:23Changeset compat-32.git 1e7a..f758 committed by Danny Rawlins: libdrm-32: 2.4.95 -> 2.4.96
12:21Changeset xorg.git 318c..60e1 committed by Danny Rawlins: libdrm: 2.4.95 -> 2.4.96
12:19Changeset opt.git 394d..76e0 committed by Danny Rawlins: wine: 3.17 -> 3.18
08:14Changeset xorg.git 62e0..044d committed by Juergen Daubert: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.28.1
08:13Changeset opt.git 19d6..1016 committed by Juergen Daubert: libunbound: update to 1.8.1
08:13Changeset opt.git 9be1..7ac2 committed by Juergen Daubert: jdk: update to 1.8.0_192
08:13Changeset opt.git ca50..e3b1 committed by Juergen Daubert: jre: update to 1.8.0_192
22:00Changeset xorg.git bd6b..66c2 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-server: updated to 1.20.2
10:25Changeset compat-32.git ea9c..a34d committed by Danny Rawlins: xorg-libx11-32: 1.6.6 -> 1.6.7
10:20Changeset compat-32.git d58e..d775 committed by Danny Rawlins: xorg-libsm-32: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3
10:44Changeset xorg.git 90d7..0a8c committed by Juergen Daubert: xorg-libsm: update to 1.2.3
10:42Changeset opt.git e779..432f committed by Juergen Daubert: php: update to 7.2.11
14:25Changeset xorg.git 65e3..6692 committed by Juergen Daubert: xorg-libx11: update to 1.6.7
23:20Changeset opt.git cb42..7d62 committed by Thomas Penteker: git-bashcompletion: 2.13.3 -> 2.19.1
23:13Changeset opt.git 6366..e7d8 committed by Thomas Penteker: unrar: 5.6.6 -> 5.6.8
23:09Changeset opt.git b93a..8747 committed by Thomas Penteker: lftp: 4.8.2 -> 4.8.4
23:07Changeset opt.git 7d69..43b3 committed by Thomas Penteker: usbredir: update URL
23:06Changeset opt.git 7693..5d10 committed by Thomas Penteker: libesmtp: update URL
22:53Changeset opt.git 10ee..cc81 committed by Thomas Penteker: gitolite: 3.6.9 -> 3.6.10
22:45Changeset opt.git 7232..2d74 committed by Thomas Penteker: gnupg: 2.2.9 -> 2.2.10
17:44Changeset opt.git e93e..ca8b committed by Juergen Daubert: mupdf: fix dependencies
11:22Changeset opt.git fbb3..7f2f committed by Juergen Daubert: samba: update to 4.8.6
11:21Changeset opt.git ba26..06b3 committed by Juergen Daubert: mupdf: update to 1.14.0
11:21Changeset opt.git 6b48..b4c5 committed by Juergen Daubert: unbound: update to 1.8.1
20:14Changeset opt.git 5149..9976 committed by Thomas Penteker: git: 2.18.0 -> 2.19.1, fixes CVE-2018-17456. thx, pedja
09:59Changeset opt.git 7e29..11d2 committed by Juergen Daubert: ocaml: update to 4.07.1
09:59Changeset opt.git 6b4b..09e2 committed by Juergen Daubert: gnuplot: update to 5.2.5
00:16Changeset opt.git 12ac..78b2 committed by Thomas Penteker: gexiv2: adjust footprint, add glib dependency
20:51Changeset opt.git d612..86f5 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: zstd: updated to 1.3.6
15:41Changeset compat-32.git 5c3e..b58c committed by Matt Housh: cairo-32: removed .md5sum
12:11Task 1684 modified by Fun
12:11New task 1684 opened by Fun: improve the default configuration for p11-kit / gnutls
04:17Changeset compat-32.git 5fca..32d3 committed by Danny Rawlins: mesa3d-32: 18.2.1 -> 18.2.2
03:55Changeset compat-32.git 130d..4e89 committed by Danny Rawlins: libinput-32: 1.12.0 -> 1.12.1
03:54Changeset compat-32.git 9d10..d41e committed by Danny Rawlins: libdrm-32: 2.4.94 -> 2.4.95
03:54Changeset compat-32.git d807..ee39 committed by Danny Rawlins: [notify] cairo-32: updated to 1.15.14. Fix for CVE-2017-9814
18:55Changeset xorg.git 0798..221a committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: libdrm: updated to 2.4.95
18:20Changeset xorg.git f827..dfe3 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: mesa3d: updated to 18.2.2
18:09Changeset opt.git 12a8..b6ac committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: [notify] cairo: updated to 1.15.14. Fix for CVE-2017-9814

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