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13:07Changeset opt.git 133f..3df7 committed by Danny Rawlins: gimp: update footprint
11:50Changeset opt.git 0958..22d4 committed by Danny Rawlins: babl: update signature
11:44Changeset opt.git da24..b371 committed by Danny Rawlins: [notify] gimp: 2.10.8 -> 2.10.12 check dependencies as they have changed.
11:42Changeset opt.git 73c7..fdab committed by Danny Rawlins: babl: 0.1.62 -> 0.1.66
11:41Changeset opt.git b1bc..12f5 committed by Danny Rawlins: libmypaint: upstream fixes to build
11:39Changeset opt.git 8174..39c8 committed by Danny Rawlins: gexiv2: add missing dependency gobject-introspection
11:37Changeset opt.git 1bad..7e79 committed by Danny Rawlins: [notify] gegl: dependency change: exiv2 -> gexiv2
08:39Changeset opt.git 3568..d299 committed by Danny Rawlins: gegl: 0.4.12 -> 0.4.16
08:15Changeset opt.git 4b42..a2ba committed by Danny Rawlins: mypaint-brushes: depends on libmypaint
06:58Changeset opt.git c1aa..6f06 committed by Danny Rawlins: remove md5sums i accidentally added from script
06:54Changeset opt.git e607..e101 committed by Danny Rawlins: imagemagick: 7.0.8-54 -> 7.0.8-55
06:13Changeset opt.git bd34..9260 committed by Danny Rawlins: mpg123: clean footprint of pulseaudio
06:02Changeset opt.git 8b41..aca7 committed by Danny Rawlins: rust-bin: 1.35.0 -> 1.36.0
06:02Changeset opt.git 8df7..0f10 committed by Danny Rawlins: rust: 1.35.0 -> 1.36.0
06:02Changeset opt.git 09f7..cfc9 committed by Danny Rawlins: nodejs: 10.15.3 -> 10.16.0
06:02Changeset opt.git 5464..5da5 committed by Danny Rawlins: [notify] icu: 63.1 -> 64.2 ABI change run revdep and rebuild affected ports
13:00Task 1755 modified by CÚdric Macquat
13:00New task 1755 opened by CÚdric Macquat: Update gegl to version 4.16
12:59Task 1753 modified by JuergenDaubert
12:59Task 1753 closed by JuergenDaubert
12:57Changeset opt.git 0022..7690 committed by Juergen Daubert: gexiv2: update to 0.12.0, fixes FS#1753
12:55Changeset opt.git 48d1..83d6 committed by Juergen Daubert: exiv2: moved from contrib
12:41Task 1753 modified by JuergenDaubert
12:10Changeset opt.git 9ca4..e6af committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: lunzip: updated to 1.11
12:09Changeset opt.git e035..a7c8 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 2.0.2
12:08Changeset opt.git 5dc8..5e41 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: cmake: updated to 3.15.0
12:04Changeset opt.git fd30..c2c9 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: adwaita-icon-theme: updated to 3.32.0
12:01Changeset opt.git a64d..b6bf committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: glib: updated to 2.60.5
11:59Changeset opt.git 7e90..aaaf committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: [notify] libpng: updated to 1.6.37. Fix for CVE-2019-7317
11:35Task 1753 modified by Tim Biermann
06:15Changeset core.git d09b..bbb3 committed by Juergen Daubert: psmisc: update to 23.2
06:13Changeset opt.git f4e4..70d7 committed by Juergen Daubert: consolekit: treat some warning- as debug-messages
06:11Changeset opt.git 1113..2961 committed by Juergen Daubert: spidermonkey: update to 60.8.0
06:11Changeset opt.git 5eac..3d27 committed by Juergen Daubert: quota: update to 4.05
06:11Changeset opt.git 456f..cfb6 committed by Juergen Daubert: libusb-compat: update to 0.1.7
06:10Changeset opt.git 11c4..a0f8 committed by Juergen Daubert: imagemagick: update to 7.0.8-54
06:10Changeset opt.git 8e37..29ff committed by Juergen Daubert: aspell: update to 0.60.7-rc2
22:17Task 1733 modified by Tim Biermann
17:11Changeset opt.git 40eb..4165 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: firefox-bin: updated to 68.0.1
11:17Changeset xorg.git 05ce..1325 committed by Juergen Daubert: xorg-xinput: update to 1.6.3
09:39Changeset opt.git b356..e171 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] mpg123: update to 1.25.11
09:25Task 1754 modified by JuergenDaubert
09:25Task 1754 closed by JuergenDaubert
08:51Changeset core.git f7e4..4c18 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] bzip2: fix incorrect symlink, fixes FS#1754
05:07New task 1754 opened by Roman Oreshnikov: core/bzip2 do not create symlink
05:07Task 1754 modified by Roman Oreshnikov
17:35Changeset core.git 5917..58de committed by Juergen Daubert: curl: update to 7.65.2
17:35Changeset core.git b0fa..3f00 committed by Juergen Daubert: bzip2: update to 1.0.8
17:23Changeset xorg.git f8be..2bcb committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-libpciaccess: updated to 0.16
15:17Changeset opt.git bf55..ff47 committed by Juergen Daubert: samhain: update to 4.3.3
15:17Changeset opt.git e5f5..e9e9 committed by Juergen Daubert: mariadb: update to 10.4.6
15:16Changeset opt.git 43e9..86d4 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-qt5: update to 0.79.0
15:16Changeset opt.git 3021..4335 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-glib: update to 0.79.0
15:15Changeset opt.git f8b5..98a1 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler: update to 0.79.0
21:49Changeset opt.git da7b..0d6f committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: cmake: updated to 3.14.6
21:45Changeset xorg.git 239e..ea9e committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-xwininfo: updated to 1.1.5
21:43Changeset xorg.git 3672..7990 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-xbacklight: updated to 1.2.3
21:42Changeset xorg.git d8b0..474e committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-setxkbmap: updated to 1.3.2
21:41Changeset xorg.git 581e..8c28 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: [notify] xorg-libice: updated to 1.0.10. Fix for CVE-2017-2626
11:28Changeset opt.git ffaf..607a committed by Juergen Daubert: nsd: update to 4.2.1
11:23Changeset opt.git cc51..a79f committed by Juergen Daubert: libpcre2: update to 10.33
11:06Changeset opt.git 32e8..664a committed by Juergen Daubert: flash-player-plugin: update to
10:57Changeset core.git 124b..5da7 committed by Juergen Daubert: kbd: update to 2.1.0
10:57Changeset core.git 0b46..bffa committed by Juergen Daubert: e2fsprogs: update to 1.45.3
10:56Changeset core.git 0fec..4f93 committed by Juergen Daubert: bash: update to 5.0.7
10:49Changeset core.git d8c2..5ac2 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] libarchive: update to 3.4.0
10:45Changeset opt.git b631..293f committed by Juergen Daubert: squid: update to 4.8
10:45Changeset opt.git 6401..abb0 committed by Juergen Daubert: samba: update to 4.10.6
10:44Changeset opt.git 44e9..9abb committed by Juergen Daubert: sqlite3: update to 3.29.0
22:53Changeset compat-32.git 40de..cb38 committed by Danny Rawlins: harfbuzz-32: disable graphite2
14:40Changeset opt.git e762..0884 committed by Danny Rawlins: meson: 0.50.1 -> 0.51.1
14:40Changeset opt.git 2131..fbd2 committed by Juergen Daubert: msmtp: update to 1.8.5
14:33Changeset opt.git 7159..f080 committed by Juergen Daubert: fuse3: update to 3.6.2
14:33Changeset opt.git 54b1..746b committed by Juergen Daubert: dovecot: update to 2.3.7
14:15Changeset opt.git 6345..0703 committed by Danny Rawlins: wine: 4.11 -> 4.12.1
11:43Changeset compat-32.git 6fb3..4134 committed by Danny Rawlins: xorg-libxt-32: 1.1.5 -> 1.2.0
11:42Changeset compat-32.git 8795..4115 committed by Danny Rawlins: xorg-libpciaccess-32: 0.14 -> 0.15
11:42Changeset compat-32.git c419..a6fd committed by Danny Rawlins: util-linux-32: 2.33.2 -> 2.34
11:41Changeset compat-32.git 60a0..455b committed by Danny Rawlins: nettle-32: 3.4.1 -> 3.5.1
11:41Changeset compat-32.git 2672..e381 committed by Danny Rawlins: mesa3d-32: 19.1.0 -> 19.1.2
11:40Changeset compat-32.git fe10..523f committed by Danny Rawlins: libinput-32: 1.13.2 -> 1.13.4
11:39Changeset compat-32.git a962..2696 committed by Danny Rawlins: libdrm-32: 2.4.98 -> 2.4.99
11:39Changeset compat-32.git 8469..04bb committed by Danny Rawlins: harfbuzz-32: 2.5.1 -> 2.5.3
11:38Changeset compat-32.git d1fb..a89e committed by Danny Rawlins: freetype-32: 2.10.0 -> 2.10.1
09:59Task 1733 modified by Tim Biermann
08:37Changeset opt.git 9c8c..aacb committed by Danny Rawlins: qt5: fix signature
14:29Changeset opt.git ad3f..fce1 committed by Danny Rawlins: harfbuzz-icu: 2.5.1 -> 2.5.3
14:26Changeset opt.git cc57..2002 committed by Danny Rawlins: qtwebengine: 5.12.2 -> 5.12.4
14:17Changeset opt.git bff6..e107 committed by Danny Rawlins: qt5: 5.12.2 -> 5.12.4
20:35Task 1752 modified by FredrikRinnestam
20:35Task 1752 closed by FredrikRinnestam
20:35Changeset opt.git c74d..9f0f committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: imagemagick: updated to 7.0.8-53. Fixes FS#1752
21:13Changeset core.git 4db3..36db committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: iproute2: updated to 5.2.0
21:11Changeset opt.git 6450..403f committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: iputils: updated to s20190709
21:09Changeset xorg.git 5a50..2046 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-xauth: updated to 1.1
21:09Changeset xorg.git 8968..23f2 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: xorg-libpciaccess: updated to 0.15
10:20Changeset opt.git 5f66..5cc0 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: thunderbird: updated to 60.8.0
22:40Changeset compat-32.git f298..efbd committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-32: updated to version 430.34
22:37Changeset opt.git 8250..b814 committed by Matt Housh: nvidia: updated to version 430.34
21:23Changeset opt.git 54af..573c committed by Matt Housh: rsyslog: updated to version 8.1907.0
17:08Changeset xorg.git 5ff8..bfe9 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: mesa3d: updated to 19.1.2
15:04Task 1753 modified by Richard Dunbar
21:35Task 1753 modified by Richard Dunbar
21:35New task 1753 opened by Richard Dunbar: gexiv2: update to build against exiv2-0.27.1
16:26Changeset opt.git e953..e028 committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: firefox-bin: updated to 68.0
00:56Changeset opt.git 5367..e28b committed by Fredrik Rinnestam: btrfs-progs: updated to 5.2
16:40Task 1751 modified by Tim Biermann
14:01Task 1752 modified by Jan-Michael Franz
14:01New task 1752 opened by Jan-Michael Franz: Imagemagick: Download link broken
12:36Task 1733 modified by Tim Biermann
12:30Task 1751 modified by DannyRawlins
12:30New task 1751 opened by DannyRawlins: w3m broken in crux 3.5
10:33Task 1733 modified by Tim Biermann
20:39Task 1750 modified by Tim Biermann

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