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23:31Changeset opt.git 8e30..9e50 committed by Matt Housh: postfix: updated rc script
15:48Changeset compat-32.git ffe4..78e6 committed by Matt Housh: nvidia-32: updated to version 550.54.14
15:48Changeset opt.git 1a41..60a5 committed by Matt Housh: nvidia: updated to version 550.54.14
15:22Changeset opt.git b487..9b45 committed by Juergen Daubert: sane: updated to version 1.3.0, new dependency autoconf-archive
15:21Changeset opt.git 9f94..4a7d committed by Juergen Daubert: gnuplot: fixed URL
08:43Changeset opt.git 35fb..4b26 committed by Juergen Daubert: graphviz: updated to version 10.0.1
08:19Changeset opt.git 1418..54ed committed by Juergen Daubert: iwd: updated to version 2.15
08:19Changeset opt.git e554..4dab committed by Juergen Daubert: conky: updated to version 1.19.8
22:38Changeset opt.git e36e..ae94 committed by Tim Biermann: giflib: fixed manpages
19:24Changeset opt.git 6fc2..9de1 committed by Tim Biermann: pango: 1.50.14 -> 1.52.0
19:23Changeset opt.git 6212..4434 committed by Tim Biermann: libgpg-error: 1.47 -> 1.48
18:09Changeset opt.git 09e2..b3ce committed by Tim Biermann: giflib: dropped the dependency on imagemagick, include man pages
12:06Changeset opt.git 4f8b..2477 committed by Juergen Daubert: imagemagick: updated to version 7.1.1-29
10:10Changeset opt.git b0e7..2c4f committed by Juergen Daubert: libxml2: fixed build if python and python3 are installed
10:09Changeset opt.git 5b7b..fbdf committed by Juergen Daubert: chrpath: fixed signature
10:08Changeset opt.git 70e4..4c1b committed by Juergen Daubert: whois: updated to version 5.5.21
23:36Changeset opt.git 88ef..959d committed by Tim Biermann: swig: 4.1.1 -> 4.2.1
09:49Changeset opt.git fcd2..680b committed by Tim Biermann: libunistring: 1.1 -> 1.2
09:25Changeset core.git 039d..547e committed by Juergen Daubert: pciutils: updated to version 3.11.1
09:14Changeset opt.git 0472..34df committed by Juergen Daubert: qpdf: updated to version 11.9.0
20:27Changeset opt.git bfd2..131b committed by Tim Biermann: mailman: moved to contrib
20:26Changeset opt.git 6777..3623 committed by Tim Biermann: mailman: fixed a few problems with the mailman2->mailman3 migration
11:29Changeset compat-32.git 586c..805a committed by Tim Biermann: libpng-32: 1.6.42 -> 1.6.43
11:28Changeset compat-32.git b16c..f652 committed by Tim Biermann: xz-32: 5.4.6 -> 5.6.0
11:21Changeset opt.git 1d80..2e1e committed by Tim Biermann: tree-sitter: 0.20.10 -> 0.21.0
10:55Changeset opt.git 3392..903a committed by Tim Biermann: libksba: 1.6.5 -> 1.6.6
10:54Changeset opt.git adb9..2bbb committed by Tim Biermann: npth: 1.6 -> 1.7
10:41Changeset core.git 5bd3..e2a8 committed by Juergen Daubert: xz: updated to version 5.6.0
09:56Changeset opt.git 6c31..8fd2 committed by Juergen Daubert: mupdf: updated to version 1.23.11
09:52Changeset core.git f96f..1cc9 committed by Juergen Daubert: python3-setuptools: updated to version 69.1.1
09:50Changeset opt.git 80c7..3bd8 committed by Juergen Daubert: libpng: updated to version 1.6.43
09:49Changeset opt.git 3bdf..d389 committed by Juergen Daubert: git: updated to version 2.44.0
18:44Changeset opt.git 3a41..ad43 committed by Tim Biermann: libunwind: moved libexec dir
18:43Changeset compat-32.git 77ba..aa31 committed by Tim Biermann: libunwind-32: removed libexec dir
18:08Changeset compat-32.git 2a88..ef0e committed by Tim Biermann: libffi-32: 3.4.5 -> 3.4.6
18:07Changeset compat-32.git 7a04..f599 committed by Tim Biermann: libnm-32: 1.44.2 -> 1.46.0
18:00Changeset compat-32.git 7afe..e582 committed by Tim Biermann: libpcre2-32: 10.42 -> 10.43
17:59Changeset compat-32.git f49a..29b3 committed by Tim Biermann: libunwind-32: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.1
17:59Changeset compat-32.git 4e28..a825 committed by Tim Biermann: mpg123-32: 1.32.4 -> 1.32.5
17:58Changeset compat-32.git ea76..4614 committed by Tim Biermann: nss-32: 3.97 -> 3.98
17:11Changeset opt.git 4b7a..a07a committed by Tim Biermann: c-ares: 1.26.0 -> 1.27.0
17:05Changeset opt.git 6590..68da committed by Tim Biermann: giflib: 5.2.1 -> 5.2.2; new dependency: imagemagick
16:32Changeset opt.git 4d5f..a4ef committed by Tim Biermann: jasper: 4.2.0 -> 4.2.1
16:18Changeset opt.git aa61..58b9 committed by Tim Biermann: libsecret: 0.21.3 -> 0.21.4
16:17Changeset opt.git 6d0e..aa69 committed by Tim Biermann: libunwind: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.1
17:33Changeset opt.git 4f73..cfbc committed by Matt Housh: [notify] thunderbird-bin: updated to version 115.8.0; security update
17:33Changeset opt.git c73d..4417 committed by Matt Housh: bash-completion: updated to version 2.12.0
09:08Changeset opt.git f265..7480 committed by Juergen Daubert: conky: updated to version 1.19.7
09:07Changeset opt.git 7504..2418 committed by Juergen Daubert: mdadm: updated to version 4.3
08:47Changeset opt.git f49b..ff93 committed by Juergen Daubert: linux-firmware: updated to version 20240220
08:40Changeset core.git 8ee5..eafc committed by Juergen Daubert: gettext: updated to version 0.22.5
20:40Changeset opt.git dbae..039e committed by Matt Housh: nvme-cli: updated to version 2.8
20:39Changeset opt.git 6850..291f committed by Matt Housh: libnvme: updated to version 1.8
08:10Changeset opt.git d0e6..0cee committed by Juergen Daubert: xterm: updated to version 390
01:03Changeset opt.git 6b47..a7eb committed by John McQuah: prt-utils: updated signature and url
20:25Changeset opt.git 4f06..c3f7 committed by Juergen Daubert: unison: updated to version 2.53.4
14:08Changeset opt.git efba..5f71 committed by Juergen Daubert: samba: updated to version 4.19.5
13:55Changeset opt.git ac61..4c90 committed by Juergen Daubert: firefox-bin: updated to version 3.4.6
13:52Changeset core.git 93e2..b7e5 committed by Juergen Daubert: libffi: updated to version 3.4.6
16:35Changeset opt.git b0e7..3457 committed by Juergen Daubert: nss: updated to version 3.98
16:35Changeset opt.git 1ff9..f78f committed by Juergen Daubert: mpg123: updated to version 1.32.5
16:34Changeset opt.git d823..9912 committed by Juergen Daubert: gvim: updated to version 9.1.0113
14:19Changeset core.git d820..b79b committed by Tim Biermann: vim: fixed Pkgfile syntax download
00:31Changeset core.git f7a1..a98c committed by Tim Biermann: vim: 9.1.0080 -> 9.1.0113
15:26Changeset opt.git 7417..74e5 committed by Tim Biermann: mailman: 2.1.23 -> 3.3.9; a bunch of new python dependencies
13:00Changeset opt.git 9542..13c0 committed by Tim Biermann: abseil-cpp: 20240116.0 -> 20240116.1
12:59Changeset opt.git 8932..2f5e committed by Tim Biermann: protobuf: 25.2 -> 25.3
10:36Changeset opt.git 72ee..58b6 committed by Juergen Daubert: mariadb: updated to version 11.3.2
09:18Changeset opt.git f87f..3659 committed by Juergen Daubert: mod_php: updated to version 8.3.3
09:18Changeset opt.git 015b..72d6 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-zip: updated to version 8.3.3
09:17Changeset opt.git 0339..5a52 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-sqlite3: updated to version 8.3.3
09:17Changeset opt.git a137..c696 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-sockets: updated to version 8.3.3
09:17Changeset opt.git ef16..5320 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-mysql: updated to version 8.3.3
09:16Changeset opt.git b5ff..28b6 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-mbstring: updated to version 8.3.3
09:16Changeset opt.git 1495..e225 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-gettext: updated to version 8.3.3
09:16Changeset opt.git 05b9..d400 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-gd: updated to version 8.3.3
09:15Changeset opt.git 3fdd..26e1 committed by Juergen Daubert: php-ftp: updated to version 8.3.3
09:15Changeset opt.git 4c1b..47ba committed by Juergen Daubert: php-fpm: updated to version 8.3.3
09:15Changeset opt.git bbf2..f83a committed by Juergen Daubert: php-fcgi: updated to version 8.3.3
09:15Changeset opt.git 8da7..e2a0 committed by Juergen Daubert: php: updated to version 8.3.3
09:11Changeset core.git e173..5dad committed by Juergen Daubert: libpcre2: updated to version 10.43
22:11Changeset compat-32.git 6551..972b committed by Tim Biermann: gst-plugins-base-32: 1.22.9 -> 1.22.10
22:09Changeset compat-32.git b7da..5e9a committed by Tim Biermann: gstreamer-32: 1.22.9 -> 1.22.10
22:08Changeset compat-32.git b2a5..f70b committed by Tim Biermann: libffi-32: 3.4.4 -> 3.4.5
22:08Changeset compat-32.git a3bc..02b1 committed by Tim Biermann: mesa-32: 23.3.5 -> 24.0.1
21:28Changeset opt.git f72b..a32e committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-websockets: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git cb55..0c2b committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-webengine: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git db5d..82a4 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-webchannel: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git eec5..1c32 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-wayland: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 443d..621f committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-virtualkeyboard: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git b005..0cd4 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-translations: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 9810..e419 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-tools: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git c386..b241 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-svg: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 61a6..8191 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-shadertools: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git ce1b..38bb committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-serialport: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git af4e..c628 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-serialbus: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git c86d..a00d committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-sensors: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 73e3..d86f committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-scxml: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git bc11..52cd committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-remoteobjects: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 2f9e..449a committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-quicktimeline: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 0029..07ed committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-quick3d: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git f650..1840 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-positioning: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 71d6..f5e7 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-networkauth: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 30dd..558b committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-multimedia: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 6f30..eb97 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-lottie: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git e816..43b3 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-imageformats: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 43ac..e662 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-declarative: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 16d4..e2d4 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-datavis3d: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 23c6..a5a5 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-connectivity: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git c005..9ec3 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-charts: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 2c21..c8f1 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-base: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git 374a..3f3e committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-5compat: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
21:28Changeset opt.git ea98..cf27 committed by Tim Biermann: qt6-3d: 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2
18:16Changeset opt.git 733c..af37 committed by Tim Biermann: gst-libav: 1.22.9 -> 1.22.10
18:16Changeset opt.git d291..499a committed by Tim Biermann: gst-plugins-base: 1.22.9 -> 1.22.10
18:15Changeset opt.git 10f2..54f4 committed by Tim Biermann: gstreamer: 1.22.9 -> 1.22.10
17:06Changeset opt.git 7075..1c03 committed by Tim Biermann: exiv2: 0.28.1 -> 0.28.2
17:05Changeset opt.git 379e..8974 committed by Tim Biermann: nodejs: 21.6.1 -> 21.6.2
15:02Changeset core.git bba2..54d5 committed by Juergen Daubert: libffi: updated to version 3.4.5
10:27Changeset xorg.git 9bb0..e7dc committed by Juergen Daubert: mesa: updated to version 24.0.1
10:16Changeset core.git 6d6d..b82e committed by Juergen Daubert: ed: updated to version 1.20.1
10:15Changeset opt.git 1733..6901 committed by Juergen Daubert: libunbound: updated to version 1.19.1
10:14Changeset opt.git 7e21..5d20 committed by Juergen Daubert: git: updated to version 2.43.2
22:15Changeset opt.git 3b4a..37e7 committed by Tim Biermann: Revert "[notify] mailman: dropped unmaintained port"
16:21Changeset opt.git f123..6ff2 committed by Juergen Daubert: unbound: updated to version 1.19.1
16:20Changeset opt.git ebb9..2694 committed by Juergen Daubert: tmux: updated to version 3.4
16:19Changeset opt.git c718..7b50 committed by Juergen Daubert: dnsmasq: updated to version 2.90
16:18Changeset opt.git 0c7e..9f0d committed by Juergen Daubert: btrfs-progs: updated to version 6.7.1
08:58Changeset core.git 2927..0636 committed by Juergen Daubert: meson: updated to version 1.3.2
08:57Changeset opt.git f55c..e14f committed by Juergen Daubert: bindutils: updated to version 9.18.24

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