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11:11Changeset opt.git 0119..6de5 committed by Juergen Daubert: bindutils: update to 9.16.25
11:04Changeset opt.git 9c7f..d624 committed by Juergen Daubert: samba: update to 4.15.4
11:04Changeset opt.git f78f..af41 committed by Juergen Daubert: jdk8-bin: update to 8.322.06.2
11:03Changeset opt.git 357f..7578 committed by Juergen Daubert: sane: update to 1.1.1
15:37Changeset core.git d510..03b7 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] vim: update to 8.2.4135, fixes for CVE-2022-0{128,156,158}
15:34Changeset opt.git 1f5d..bdf3 committed by Juergen Daubert: gvim: update to 8.2.4135
15:33Changeset opt.git 370e..27fb committed by Juergen Daubert: geeqie: update to 1.7.1
11:21Changeset opt.git 20a5..3900 committed by Juergen Daubert: stunnel: update to 5.62
11:09Changeset opt.git 7ff1..c7ee committed by Juergen Daubert: mysql: update to 5.7.37
11:08Changeset opt.git 0c5f..1108 committed by Juergen Daubert: fakeroot: update to 1.27
11:07Changeset opt.git ec80..4371 committed by Juergen Daubert: maildrop: update to 3.0.7
11:07Changeset opt.git 7733..4b49 committed by Juergen Daubert: dialog: update to 1.3-20220117
16:41Changeset opt.git 7d8b..a230 committed by Tim Biermann: gdb: 11.1 -> 11.2
15:09Task 1900 modified by Tim Biermann
15:05Task 1902 modified by Tim Biermann
13:49Changeset opt.git 7b04..a1e1 committed by Juergen Daubert: maildrop: update to 3.0.6, changed dependency libpcre -> libpcre2
13:46Changeset opt.git 20f8..37a4 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] wpa_supplicant: update to 2.10
15:44Changeset core.git 255c..99da committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] expat: update to 2.4.3, security fixes
13:19Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
13:07Changeset opt.git ab9a..36d9 committed by Juergen Daubert: cups-filters: update to 1.28.11
21:08Changeset opt.git b2a4..205e committed by Matt Housh: irssi: Pkgfile tweaks, no rebuild necessary
16:30Changeset core.git be11..31eb committed by Juergen Daubert: python3: update to 3.9.10
14:44New task 1902 opened by Steffen Nurpmeso: kmod: enable --with-zstd --with-zlib --with-openssl
22:14Changeset opt.git fbad..5398 committed by Tim Biermann: rust: 1.57.0 -> 1.58.0
17:32Changeset opt.git af9f..2597 committed by Juergen Daubert: freerdp2: update to 2.5.0
17:30Changeset opt.git 4c85..d666 committed by Juergen Daubert: [notify] crypsetup: update to 2.4.3, fix for CVE-2021-4122
17:17Changeset opt.git c392..12fa committed by Juergen Daubert: btrfs-progs: update to 5.16
13:51Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
12:50Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
12:47Changeset pkgutils.git 55b4..789f committed by Juergen Daubert: pkgmk: use curl as the default download program
12:42Changeset opt.git cf50..fe18 committed by Juergen Daubert: neon: update to 0.32.2
12:30Changeset xorg.git 6e90..f679 committed by Juergen Daubert: mesa: update to 21.3.4
16:54Changeset opt.git 2a61..294f committed by Matt Housh: thunderbird-bin: updated to version 91.5.0
15:55Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by JuergenDaubert (diff)
13:43Changeset opt.git 6c05..afff committed by Juergen Daubert: libsdl2: update to 2.0.20
12:17Changeset opt.git b553..460a committed by Tim Biermann: libunistring: 0.9.10 -> 1.0
12:14Changeset core.git adab..f92d committed by Tim Biermann: hdparm: 9.62 -> 9.63
12:14Changeset core.git 6471..609d committed by Tim Biermann: iproute2: 5.15.0 -> 5.16.0
12:11Changeset compat-32.git 83aa..5d25 committed by Tim Biermann: curl-32: 7.80.0 -> 7.81.0
12:07Changeset compat-32.git 8c94..e2d0 committed by Tim Biermann: expat-32: 2.4.1 -> 2.4.2
12:07Changeset compat-32.git d198..d3ea committed by Tim Biermann: libglvnd-32: 1.3.4 -> 1.4.0
12:06Changeset compat-32.git 3fdb..4c1a committed by Tim Biermann: libsdl2-32: 2.0.18 -> 2.0.20
12:04Changeset compat-32.git 6268..6a4b committed by Tim Biermann: libunistring-32: 0.9.10 -> 1.0
12:02Changeset compat-32.git c864..30d4 committed by Tim Biermann: mesa-32: 21.3.2 -> 21.3.3
11:51Changeset compat-32.git eda9..e910 committed by Tim Biermann: nss-32: 3.73.1 -> 3.74
11:46Changeset compat-32.git e68c..debc committed by Tim Biermann: pango-32: 1.50.2 -> 1.50.3
11:36Changeset compat-32.git 694b..5428 committed by Tim Biermann: pipewire-32: 0.3.41 -> 0.3.43
11:22Changeset compat-32.git 8094..7703 committed by Tim Biermann: readline-32: 8.1.1 -> 8.1.2
11:22Changeset compat-32.git bb39..c139 committed by Tim Biermann: sqlite3-32: 3.37.0 -> 3.37.2
11:19Changeset compat-32.git 3fcf..364d committed by Tim Biermann: zstd-32: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1
21:08Task 1887 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
21:02Task 1887 modified by MattHoush
20:57Task 1900 modified by Tim Biermann
20:56Task 1900 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
20:56Task 1899 modified by Tim Biermann
20:54Task 1901 modified by Tim Biermann
20:54Task 1900 modified by Tim Biermann
20:52Task 1887 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
20:50Task 1901 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
20:49Task 1900 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
20:49Task 1899 modified by Steffen Nurpmeso
20:40Task 1899 modified by MattHoush
20:40Task 1900 modified by MattHoush
20:40Task 1901 modified by MattHoush
20:30Task 1901 modified by MattHoush
17:16Changeset opt.git 26f0..5941 committed by Tim Biermann: strace: 5.15 -> 5.16
17:12Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by TimBiermann (diff)
16:36Task 1857 modified by Tim Biermann
15:37Wiki page Wiki.TODO37 edited by TimBiermann (diff)
12:42Changeset opt.git 2231..77fe committed by Juergen Daubert: rpcsvc-proto: update to 1.4.3
12:33Changeset opt.git 838a..6d8b committed by Juergen Daubert: socat: update to
17:07Changeset opt.git 7137..faeb committed by Matt Housh: mtools: updated to version 4.0.37
15:13Changeset opt.git 51c8..004e committed by Tim Biermann: meson: 0.60.2 -> 0.60.3
15:12Changeset opt.git a6fa..1b67 committed by Tim Biermann: libsigsegv: 2.13 -> 2.14
11:56Changeset opt.git de12..af35 committed by Tim Biermann: iso-codes: 4.8.0 -> 4.9.0
11:56Changeset opt.git d71a..6ade committed by Tim Biermann: liburcu: 0.13.0 -> 0.13.1
11:55Changeset opt.git 93e2..62ea committed by Tim Biermann: nss: 3.73.1 -> 3.74
11:43Changeset opt.git f339..b917 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-qt5: update to 22.01.0
11:43Changeset opt.git dd04..4c08 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler-glib: update to 22.01.0
11:43Changeset opt.git 9676..16c5 committed by Juergen Daubert: poppler: update to 22.01.0
11:35Changeset core.git 4e2e..0092 committed by Juergen Daubert: sqlite3: update to 3.37.2

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