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CRUX is a lightweight Linux distribution for the x86-64 architecture targeted at experienced Linux users. The primary focus of this distribution is keep it simple, which is reflected in a straightforward tar.gz-based package system, BSD-style initscripts, and a relatively small collection of trimmed packages. The secondary focus is utilization of new Linux features and recent tools and libraries. CRUX also has a ports system which makes it easy to install and upgrade applications.

Current release is 3.4.


2018-05-12: CRUX 3.4 released

CRUX 3.4 has been released! Please check out the Release Notes, the ChangeLog and the Handbook, and download CRUX 3.4 right here.

2017-07-09: Server failure and downtime

During the week our trusty old server finally gave up and died a heroes death. Luckily we were planning on migrating everything to new hardware so we were somewhat prepared. Unfortunately the server failure happened before we had migrated everything so and related services were down for a few days. As of right now most things are back online with the exception of our mailinglists. We expect to have those back up within a few days.

In the meantime you can visit us on IRC for help with problems or questions.

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