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To clone one of these trees using Git:
  git clone git://crux.nu/ + project path.
Project Description Owner Last Change
ports/compat-32.git CRUX compat-32 ports CRUX Ports Team 33 hours ago
ports/contrib.git CRUX contributed ports CRUX Contributors 34 hours ago
ports/core.git CRUX core ports CRUX System Team 4 hours ago
ports/enlightenment.git enlightenment WM ports Victor Martinez 11 months ago
ports/opt.git CRUX opt ports CRUX Ports Team 4 hours ago
ports/xfce.git Xfce ports Jose V Beneyto 10 months ago
ports/xorg.git X.org ports for CRUX CRUX Xorg Team 8 hours ago
system/iso.git CRUX iso image CRUX System Team 3 weeks ago
tools/mpup.git 6 weeks ago
tools/pkg-get.git pkg-get repository Jose V Beneyto 4 years ago
tools/pkgutils.git pkgutils repository CRUX Team 2 weeks ago
tools/prt-get.git prt-get package management... CRUX Team 6 months ago
tools/prt-utils.git prt-utils repository Juergen Daubert 7 months ago
tools/webtools.git Web-related tools used on... Jose V Beneyto 21 months ago