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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
 1898  Bug Report core/opt Medium  rc: create .X11-unix in addition to .ICE-unix  Closed CRUX Developers 3.7
1902 Bug Report core/opt Low kmod: enable --with-zstd --with-zlib --with-openssl New 3.7
 1886  Improvement core/opt Low  qemu/qemu-all: add opt/qemu-doc, let both depend on tha ... Closed Juergen Daubert 3.7
 1867  Feature Request ports Low  enable wayland in mesa package  Closed Danny Rawlins, +3 3.7
 1865  New Port Version pkgutils Low  Navy Blue Waterproof Mattress Protector Covers - Ctexs  Closed Thomas Penteker 3.7
 1848  Feature Request pkgutils Low  pkgmk: support Tim Biermann's flexibility  Closed Juergen Daubert, +1 3.7
 1828  Bug Report prt-get Low  prt-cache segfault on file operations on a removed port  Closed Juergen Daubert, +1 3.7
 1763  Bug Report pkgutils Low  pkgmk -cs doesn't report error for missing files in .si ... Closed CRUX Developers 3.7
 1667  Improvement core/opt Low  Replacing pkg-config with pkgconf  Closed CRUX Developers 3.7
341 Feature Request ISO Low Add support for dmcrypt to the installation ISO Assigned CRUX Developers 3.7
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