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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
 1414  Bug Report core/opt High  Vorbis-tools fails to compile  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam
 1421  New Port Version core/opt Medium  Pulseaudio update to 10.0  Closed Alan Mizrahi
 1411  Bug Report ports Medium  Web inspector in webkitgtk is broken  Closed Danny Rawlins
 1430  Bug Report ports Low  glibc and gcc -fstack-check  Closed CRUX Developers
 1404  Bug Report core/opt Low  ports/opt portdbc getup <repo> fails  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 1400  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk: sign pre-install and post-install files too  Closed
 1392  Bug Report ports Low  p5-cpan-distnameinfo footprint mismatch  Closed Alan Mizrahi
 1391  Improvement core/opt Low  faster rsync driver  Closed Juergen Daubert
 1385  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk - add/use source mirrors as fallback  Closed
 1384  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk - save sources into PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/name  Closed
1382 Improvement core/opt Low pkgmk checks of directory permissions are too strict New
 1380  Bug Report ports Low  fix for python-pip related packages  Closed Danny Rawlins
 1354  Bug Report ports Low  chromium-pepperflash need to change source  Closed Thomas Penteker
 1289  Bug Report core/opt Low  qt4 missing dependency on xorg-libsm  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 1279  Bug Report ports Low  docbook-xml Pkgfile uses unzip which is no longer in co ... Closed Matt Housh
 593  Feature Request prt-get Low  prt-get: isatty(1) check for quickdep to increase usabi ... Closed Johannes Winkelmann
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