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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
1647 Bug Report core/opt High [patch] CVE-2018-1000156 New CRUX Developers
1656 New Port Version core/opt Medium opt/gimp is outdated New Thomas Penteker
1201 Improvement doc Medium Minor Handbook Changes To Introduce Package System Assigned CRUX Developers, +1 3.4
1660 New Port Version core/opt Low opt/wireshark 2.4.4 ->2.6.1 New Thomas Penteker
1659 Bug Report website Low change repo on portdb to version 3.4 New
1650 New Port Version ports Low libconfig: 1.6 -> 1.7.2 New Thomas Penteker
1649 New Port Version core/opt Low [hexchat] Update to 2.14.1, switch to meson New Danny Rawlins
1646 Bug Report prt-get Low prt-get: fix resource leak New CRUX Developers
1645 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgmk: ignores failures when compressing manuals New
1644 Improvement core/opt Low gnupg: orphan symlink New Thomas Penteker
1641 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: refactor download functions New
1629 Bug Report core/opt Low alsa-lib: add README New
1628 Bug Report core/opt Low bluez: fix README New
1627 Bug Report core/opt Low btrfs-progs: add README New
1626 Bug Report core/opt Low cryptsetup: add README New
1625 Bug Report core/opt Low dosfstools: add README New
1624 Bug Report core/opt Low fuse{,3}: add README New
1623 Bug Report core/opt Low iptables: add README New
1622 Bug Report core/opt Low jfsutils: add README New
1621 Bug Report core/opt Low libusb: add README New
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