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1851Bug ReportpkgutilsHighpkgmk: Pkgfile gets sourced before its signature is ver...New Task Description

Security model of the ports system relies on the fact that only properly signed ports can be built by pkgmk. However, pkgmk sources not yet verified Pkgfile at the very beginning of its operation (see line 813 for details). This allows malicious Pkgfile to alter the behavior of pkgmk making all subsequent security measures unreliable. For example, malicious Pkgfile can define signify() { return 0; } which will be called by pkgmk instead of /usr/bin/signify (local symbols have precedence over calls to external programs) and allow modified files to pass signature/checksum verification by returning 0 (check passed) all the time. This is especially worrisome because rsync-based delivery of the ports tree is not protected against mitm attacks and any successful attack of this sort can lead to full control over the system by modifying the source code of one or more ports. Please note that using fakeroot to build ports doesn't protect against this attack because modified source code will be built, packaged and installed to the system as usual. Please find below a patch to /usr/ports/core/which/Pkgfile which makes changes to which.c and therefore /usr/bin/which but doesn't require .signature to be updated.

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