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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
 1818  Improvement core/opt High  clang/llvm: use dynamic linking  Closed Thomas Penteker 3.6
 1898  Bug Report core/opt Medium  rc: create .X11-unix in addition to .ICE-unix  Closed CRUX Developers 3.7
 1892  Bug Report ports Medium  contrib: postgres: use su(1) not sudo in rc file  Closed Tim Biermann
 1885  Bug Report core/opt Medium  qemu: add targets for widely present hardware  Closed Juergen Daubert
 1847  Bug Report ports Medium  sysklogd: avoid spamming /var/log/messages for non-loca ... Closed Juergen Daubert, +1
 1820  Improvement core/opt Medium  Please set fs.protected_{fifos,hardlinks,symlinks} in p ... Closed 3.6
 1794  Bug Report ports Medium  git driver: keep only the desired branch, prune and gar ... Closed Thomas Penteker
 1790  Feature Request core/opt Medium  opt/zstd: use HAVE_THREADS=1 to enable multi-threading  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam
1911 Bug Report ports Low libxfont is stale New
1902 Bug Report core/opt Low kmod: enable --with-zstd --with-zlib --with-openssl New 3.7
 1891  Improvement ports Low  contrib: postgres: use system tzdata  Closed Tim Biermann
 1890  Improvement core/opt Low  core: mlocate: /run (and /media) should be in updatedb. ... Closed
 1886  Improvement core/opt Low  qemu/qemu-all: add opt/qemu-doc, let both depend on tha ... Closed Juergen Daubert 3.7
1852 Improvement ports Low ports(8):update_ports(): do not check for id -u = 0 New
 1848  Feature Request pkgutils Low  pkgmk: support Tim Biermann's flexibility  Closed Juergen Daubert, +1 3.7
 1830  Bug Report ports Low  git ports driver: garbage collection  Closed CRUX Developers
 1797  New Port Version core/opt Low  Replace upstream for signify  Closed 3.6
 1796  New Port Version core/opt Low  Replace upstream for rdate  Closed Juergen Daubert
 1795  Feature Request core/opt Low  Add entropy-server to core  Closed
 1793  Feature Request ports Low  Provide .git drivers for core/opt/xorg/contrib  Closed
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