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 1769 Bug Reportcore/optLow libevent warn-if-forked-from-the-event-loop.patch break ...Closed Task Description

The libevent port has a security patch that was introduced by mistake, it causes malfunctions of programs using it, e.g. links unable to fork external programs. The patch has been reverted in the upstream[1], so I think it should be removed here too.


 1763 Bug ReportpkgutilsLow pkgmk -cs doesn't report error for missing files in .si ...Closed3.7 Task Description

Some ports have incomplete file list in .signature. This is the case for opt/mplayer that its main source signature is missing, what makes it bad is that it's also using the insecure http protocol (http://distfiles.serverop.de/mplayer-$version.tar.xz).

cd to /usr/pors/opt/mplayer, pkgmk -cs shows that the signature is ok.

I suggest patch pkgmk to print out errors in such case and re-check all ports, I believe there're more ports affected by this issue.

 1712 Bug Reportcore/optLow [hunspell-en] fix en_GB and broken symlinks Closed Task Description

Currently the port installs -ise variant of en_GB dict files without changing their names, so hunspell couldn't recognise locale en_GB correctly, Many other locales symlink to en_GB are also broken.

 1673 Bug Reportcore/optLow qt4 outdated source url Closed Task Description

The new url is:

 1579 Bug ReportportsLow contrib/p11-kit broken url Closed Task Description

The download url is broken, the old url redirects to a github repo.

 1553 Bug ReportportsLow contrib/at: download link is broken Closed Task Description

debian has shut down their ftp services, so the link is broken. I've changed the url to using http, and updated it to a newer version by the way. also I removed a line that changes mandir to /usr/man.

 1380 Bug ReportportsLow fix for python-pip related packages Closed Task Description

python3-pip does not work if python3-setuptools is not installed. But it seems
it's impossible to successfully install python3-setuptools.

If I run 'prt-get depinst python3-setuptools',
it first installs python3-appdirs, no problem,
next python3-pyparsing, here it always throw an exception:

Found existing installation: appdirs 1.4.0
Uninstalling appdirs-1.4.0:

I've configured prt-get to run pkgmk as an unprevileged user with fakeroot.
The problematic line of script is python3-pyparsing/Pkgfile:19:

/usr/bin/python3/ $SRC/get-pip.py --root=$SRC/build

get-pip.py attempts to uninstall appdirs, which is impossible.

I fixed this bug by made a simple modification to get-pip.py:

sed -i 's/"--upgrade"/"--upgrade", "--upgrade-strategy", "only-if-needed"/' $SRC/get-pip.py

By adding that option to pip inside get-pip.py, it will not try uninstalling existing dependencies if possible.
It still does not work if one has an outdated dependency, but uninstalling it should sovle the problem.

See here for the reference:

 1375 Bug Reportcore/optLow python3 footprint mismatch Closed Task Description

=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:
MISSING -rwxr-xr-x root/root usr/lib/python3.6/lib-dynload/_decimal.cpython-36m-x86_64-linux-gnu.so

 1374 Bug Reportcore/optLow clang 3.9.1 footprint mismatch Closed Task Description

There are many files installs to /usr/lib/clang/$version, and the footprint hasn't been updated.

 1367 Bug ReportpkgutilsLow pkgmk should not export PKG and SRC Closed Task Description

The problem:
pkgmk exports PKG and SRC before calling 'build', which may interfere with
building scripts executed inside the build function (for example, the configure
This problem may not be obvious for most packages, it affects packages that
references environment variables PKG or SRC while building.

A example of this bug is in my port swi-prolog:

build() {
cd swipl-$version/src
./configure --prefix=/usr
make DESTDIR=$PKG install

cd ../packages
./configure --prefix=/usr # here
make DESTDIR=$PKG install

find $PKG -type f -name 'README*' -delete

Here the second configure script does not work as intended. By default if PKG is
empty, the second configure script will build a default set of packages, but as
pkgmk has exported PKG, which makes no sense to swi-prolog, the configure script
silently ignored the error, and choose to build nothing.

The fix:
The export can be omitted for PKG and SRC in pkgmk, the basic execution of pkgmk
is as follows:

. Pkgfile
export PKG=...
export SRC=...
(set -e -x; build)

Since Pkgfile is sourced, which means the build funciton runs in the same
context/process as pkgmk, it's not necessary to export PKG and SRC. I've tested,
by simply removing the keyword export from the variable assignment of PKG and
SRC, all my ports builds fine, of course it also solved the bug above. So this
fix should not influence existing ports.

See attachment for the proposed fix.

Related mailing list discussions:

 1354 Bug ReportportsLow chromium-pepperflash need to change source Closed Task Description

flash does not ship with chrome any more, here is the fix:

 1350 Bug ReportportsLow fix for contrib/mldonkey Closed Task Description

contrib/mldonkey doesn't build with opt/ocaml. mldonkey can build it's own ocaml during ./configure, and the ocaml version is hardcoded. Here is the fix, and I've updated mldonkey to 3.1.5 by the way.

 1349 Bug ReportportsLow amule outdated source url Closed Task Description

The downlaod link of amule is borken, and a newer version of amule is available.

 1324 Bug ReportportsLow [core] bug fix for vim 7.4.1859 when running as vi Closed Task Description

The newest vim has an issue that it prints many error messages when running as vi, the issue also presents when running git commit. After digging for a while, I found the problem of it, that's because of packadd matchit in /usr/share/vim/vimrc, and that line of code is not compatible with vi, the fix is rather simple, just,
sed -i 's/packadd matchit/if 1 | packadd matchit | endif/'/usr/share/vim/vimrc
The if statement would be ommitted by vi, thus avoid the issue.

 1323 Bug ReportportsLow [contrib] virtualbox installs modules to non-standrd lo ...Closed Task Description

According to https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt, the default location for external modules is /lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE)/extra/, whereas ports/contrib/virtualbox installs its modules to /lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE)/kernel/drivers/misc.
A side-effect of this is that the virtualbox moduels get wiped out when doing a 'make modules_install' after rebuilding the linux kernel.

 1318 Bug Reportcore/optLow [ports/opt/geeqie] geeqie is broken, needs update Closed Task Description

It seems that geeqie has been migrated to github, the source is not available on sourceforge anymore. And the most recent version is 1.2.3, we have version 1.0 in the crux ports.
This is the Pkgfile that compiles fine with the newest version:

# Description: Gtk+ based image viewer
# URL: http://geeqie.sourceforge.net/
# Maintainer: Juergen Daubert, juergen dot daubert at t-onlione dot de
# Depends on: gtk intltool


build() {
cd $name-$version
export CFLAGS="$CFLAGS `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0`"
export LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS `pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0`"
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-gtk3
make DESTDIR=$PKG install
sed -ri '/\[.+\]=/d' $PKG/usr/share/{geeqie/,}applications/*.desktop
rm -r $PKG/usr/share/{doc,locale}

 1295 Bug Reportcore/optLow nvidia version 361.28 installs modules to wrong place Closed Task Description

I updated the nvidia proprietary driver for my crux machine, and I noticed that nvidia.ko got installed to /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko, if I remember correctly, it was in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra/. I noticed the problem when I rebuild my linux kernel, and reinstall the linux kernel modules with 'make modules_install', that newly updated nvidia driver module got removed unexpectedly. so I consider this a bug, or I might do it wrong with the kernel rebuild?

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