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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
 1050  Bug Report ports Critical  sxiv broken - giflib  Closed Maximilian Dietrich
 1064  Bug Report ports Medium  net-snmp: perl footprint  Closed Mykhailo Kolesnyk
 1018  Bug Report ports Medium  openvpn depends on net-tools  Closed Thomas Penteker
 1438  Bug Report ports Low  Inconsistent paths for inetutils/iputils  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam 3.4
 1351  Bug Report core/opt Low  iperf outdated  Closed Alan Mizrahi
 1301  Bug Report pkgutils Low  pkgmk wget --no-check-certificate hardcoded  Closed
 1215  Bug Report ports Low  sqlite3 - firefox 41.0 will require SQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTA ... Closed Juergen Daubert
 1212  Feature Request core/opt Low  qt4 does not depend on gst-plugins-base-compat  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 1211  Bug Report core/opt Low  perl 5.22 no longer ships with s2p/psed?  Closed
 1210  Bug Report ports Low  When built as root, ncurses installs files outside of $ ... Closed Juergen Daubert 3.2
 1194  Bug Report ports Low  freetype 2.6 breaks firefox, thunderbird  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 1190  Bug Report core/opt Low  Review radeon-ucode  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam
 1146  Bug Report pkgutils Low  Take a look at pkgadd.conf and perhaps do some changes/ ... Closed 3.2
 1142  Feature Request core/opt Low  retire dbus-glib  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam 3.2
 1091  Bug Report ports Low  syslinux missing python as a dep  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 1071  New Port Version core/opt Low  jdk out of date  Closed Jose V Beneyto
 969  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk should specify $PATH  Closed
 958  Bug Report ISO Low  ISO kernel lacks SYSVIPC  Closed Matt Housh 3.1
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