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80% of 10 tasks completed. 2 open tasks:

FS#341 - Add support for dmcrypt to the installation ISO Expand Collapse
I already spent some time implementing this and currently creating/opening/mounting/installing on a dmcrypt-ed device works like a charm.

Still needed is:
initrd to support setups with encrypted /

a sidenote: I don't know who is in charge of creating the ISOs but I could give some advice/hints for building the next ISO as I switched kernel to 2.6.26 and rebuilt all core and opt ports to reflect the currently available versions.
FS#1902 - kmod: enable --with-zstd --with-zlib --with-openssl Expand Collapse
..and if it is only in order to be able to use a drop-in fat kernel of some cross-booted distribution. I know you all do not need it, even openssl, but all the to-be-enabled tools are in core, and everybody has them, so where is the reason not to enable them?
I want to drop my overlay.

Thank you. And a nice weekend.

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