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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
1476 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: show the complete error message from signify New
1469 Feature Request ports Low Include and enable PAM in distro packages. New 3.4
1467 Feature Request ports Low gcc: enable default pie and ssp New CRUX Developers 3.4
1452 Improvement core/opt Low [zsh] Remove useless completions, fix paths New Thomas Penteker
1445 Bug Report website Low is not working New Thomas Penteker
1444 Feature Request ports Low More keys in portdb New
1440 Bug Report website Low flyspray: broken links New
1435 Feature Request core/opt Low Offline Handbook New
1434 New Port Version core/opt Low libxklavier : Update to 5.4 New Jose V Beneyto
1412 Feature Request ISO Low ISO: add prt-utils New Matt Housh
1410 Feature Request pkgutils Low pkgmk - add support for binary packages New CRUX Developers
1408 Feature Request prt-utils Low Watch:/.watch - ck4up like expressions within port file... New Juergen Daubert
1389 Feature Request pkgutils Low adds an option to keep work directory only if the buil... New CRUX Developers
1382 Improvement core/opt Low pkgmk checks of directory permissions are too strict New
1339 Feature Request core/opt Low Switch to Python3 New Juergen Daubert
1313 Bug Report ports Low git ports driver wipes built packages, downloaded sourc... New Thomas Penteker
1111 Bug Report ports Low Stop using a hard coded repository base directory New Thomas Penteker
1110 Bug Report ports Low prt-get listinst --regex (or prt-get.conf with useregex... New Johannes Winkelmann
1074 Bug Report core/opt Low package upgrades removes files if they don't exist in t... New CRUX Developers
1034 Bug Report prt-get Low "prt-get info" shows wrong packager New Johannes Winkelmann
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