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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary  desc Status Assigned To Due In Version
1452 Improvement core/opt Low [zsh] Remove useless completions, fix paths New Thomas Penteker
1542 Bug Report core/opt Low xpdf: signature mismatch (corrupted archive?) New Thomas Penteker
1408 Feature Request prt-utils Low Watch:/.watch - ck4up like expressions within port file... New Juergen Daubert
1485 Bug Report core/opt High texlive: building against recent poppler Assigned Thomas Penteker
1339 Feature Request core/opt Low Switch to Python3 New Juergen Daubert
1111 Bug Report ports Low Stop using a hard coded repository base directory New Thomas Penteker
1477 Feature Request tools Low signify: add the pubkey option for the sign command New Thomas Penteker
1544 Bug Report compat-32 Medium qt4-32 port is missing New
1538 Bug Report core/opt Low qemu ports have conflicting files New
975 Improvement ports Low Python Ports and VirtualEnv New
434 Feature Request prt-get Low prt-get listlocked behaviour and error codes New Johannes Winkelmann
1110 Bug Report ports Low prt-get listinst --regex (or prt-get.conf with useregex... New Johannes Winkelmann
15 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgutils: symlink handling Assigned
379 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgutils: rejmerge ignores directory permissions Work in Progress Jose V Beneyto
1476 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: show the complete error message from signify New
1484 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: parallel compression/decompression New
982 Feature Request pkgutils Low pkgmk PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS not being used on local file... New
1382 Improvement core/opt Low pkgmk checks of directory permissions are too strict New
130 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgmk cannot gzip hardlinked man pages Researching
923 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk able to change the name of downloaded tarballs New
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