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ID Task Type Category  asc Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
1593 Bug Report core/opt High Python2 security fix for CVE-2018-1000030 New Juergen Daubert
1567 New Port Version core/opt Low sbc - new version - 1.3 New Alan Mizrahi
1550 Bug Report core/opt Low dhcpcd: duid and secret files have moved New CRUX Developers
1546 Bug Report core/opt Low slim: signature mismatch + service start problems New Thomas Penteker
1545 Bug Report core/opt Low manual pages installed to usr/share/man[1-9] New Thomas Penteker
1540 Bug Report core/opt Low gimp: footprint mismatch New Thomas Penteker
1534 Bug Report core/opt Low cyrus-sasl: footprint missmatch (missing files) New Thomas Penteker
1524 Bug Report core/opt Low freerdp: needs cmake dependency to build New Alan Mizrahi
1523 Bug Report core/opt Low consolekit: needs xorg-libx11 to build New Alan Mizrahi
1516 Bug Report core/opt Low hunspell-es: extraction error New Alan Mizrahi
1515 Bug Report core/opt Low gdb: fix building when guile-2.2 is installed New
1501 Bug Report core/opt Low freerdp: redundant deps New Alan Mizrahi
1485 Bug Report core/opt High texlive: building against recent poppler Assigned Thomas Penteker
1452 Improvement core/opt Low [zsh] Remove useless completions, fix paths New Thomas Penteker
1435 Feature Request core/opt Low Offline Handbook New
1434 New Port Version core/opt Low libxklavier : Update to 5.4 New Jose V Beneyto
1382 Improvement core/opt Low pkgmk checks of directory permissions are too strict New
1339 Feature Request core/opt Low Switch to Python3 New Juergen Daubert
1074 Bug Report core/opt Low package upgrades removes files if they don't exist in t... New CRUX Developers
684 Bug Report core/opt Low Add User-Agent to ck4up HTTP Get New Juergen Daubert
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