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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
1444 Feature Request ports Low More keys in portdb New
1440 Bug Report website Low flyspray: broken links New
1435 Feature Request core/opt Low Offline Handbook New
 1412  Feature Request ISO Low  ISO: add prt-utils  Closed Matt Housh
1410 Feature Request pkgutils Low pkgmk - add support for binary packages New CRUX Developers
 1408  Feature Request prt-utils Low  Watch:/.watch - ck4up like expressions within port file ... Closed Juergen Daubert
 1400  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk: sign pre-install and post-install files too  Closed
 1391  Improvement core/opt Low  faster rsync driver  Closed Juergen Daubert
 1385  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk - add/use source mirrors as fallback  Closed
 1384  Improvement pkgutils Low  pkgmk - save sources into PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/name  Closed
 1377  Improvement core/opt Low  move mlocate from core/ to opt/  Closed
 1376  Improvement core/opt Low  cron should run jobs with ionice  Closed
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