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ID Task Type Category Severity  desc Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version
 1496  Bug Report core/opt Medium  spice-protocol: missing dependency  Closed Thomas Penteker
1842 Improvement core/opt Low linux-firmware: strip warnings when packaged New Thomas Penteker
 1823  Bug Report core/opt Low  rust 1.46.0-1 packages with a missing de ... Closed Danny Rawlins
 1685  Feature Request core/opt Low  [firefox-bin] revdep.d file  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam
 1684  Improvement core/opt Low  improve the default configuration for p11-kit / gnutls  Closed Danny Rawlins
 1651  Bug Report core/opt Low  gegl: fail to build if ffmpeg4 is installed  Closed Danny Rawlins
1645 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgmk: ignores failures when compressing manuals New CRUX Developers
 1644  Improvement core/opt Low  gnupg: orphan symlink  Closed Thomas Penteker
 1643  Bug Report core/opt Low  procps: pgrep 'user interface' changed upstream  Closed Matt Housh
1641 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: refactor download functions New CRUX Developers
 1640  Feature Request website Low  wiki: missing link to CRUX mailing list archive  Closed
 1638  Bug Report pkgutils Low  pkgadd: lzip support  Closed Fredrik Rinnestam
1604 Improvement pkgutils Low Pkgfile(5) manual New CRUX Developers
 1602  Feature Request core/opt Low  man-db: build as non-root/non-fakeroot  Closed Juergen Daubert
1597 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: faster strip_files() function New CRUX Developers
 1587  Improvement prt-utils Low  revdep: validate rpath/runpath  Closed Juergen Daubert
1576 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: flexible footprint check New CRUX Developers
 1567  New Port Version core/opt Low  sbc - new version - 1.3  Closed Alan Mizrahi
1552 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: default JOBS=nproc New CRUX Developers
 1546  Bug Report core/opt Low  slim: signature mismatch + service start problems  Closed Thomas Penteker
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