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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary  asc Status Assigned To Due In Version
1389 Feature Request pkgutils Low adds an option to keep work directory only if the buil... New CRUX Developers
341 Feature Request ISO Low Add support for dmcrypt to the installation ISO Assigned Thomas Penteker
1776 Improvement core/opt Low core/rc New option in rc.conf New
1550 Bug Report core/opt Low dhcpcd: duid and secret files have moved New CRUX Developers
63 Bug Report pkgutils Low Directory permissions are ignored Unconfirmed
1761 Feature Request ports Low enable lld linker for llvm New Thomas Penteker
1440 Bug Report website Low flyspray: broken links New
1501 Bug Report core/opt Low freerdp: redundant deps New Alan Mizrahi
595 Bug Report prt-get Low getPkgmkSetting() could do with a cache New Johannes Winkelmann
1313 Bug Report ports Low git ports driver wipes built packages, downloaded sourc... New Thomas Penteker
1010 Bug Report tools Low httpup breaks ACL mask inheritance New Johannes Winkelmann
1516 Bug Report core/opt Low hunspell-es: extraction error New Alan Mizrahi
849 Feature Request prt-get Low Implement a depupdate command New Johannes Winkelmann
1201 Improvement doc Low Minor Handbook Changes To Introduce Package System Assigned CRUX Developers, +1
1444 Feature Request ports Low More keys in portdb New
1757 New Port Version ports Low New vala version New Thomas Penteker
1435 Feature Request core/opt Low Offline Handbook New
1740 Bug Report core/opt Low opt/libesmtp does not build with openssl 1.1.1c New Thomas Penteker
1686 Bug Report core/opt Low opt/texlive missing dependency ghostscript Assigned Thomas Penteker
1074 Bug Report core/opt Low package upgrades removes files if they don't exist in t... New CRUX Developers
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