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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Assigned To  asc Due In Version
1718 Bug Report core/opt Medium Buffer overflow in httpup New
1708 Bug Report ports Low alsa-utils cannot be update - missing .md5sum? New
1667 Improvement core/opt Low Replacing pkg-config with pkgconf New 3.5
1645 Bug Report pkgutils Low pkgmk: ignores failures when compressing manuals New
1641 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: refactor download functions New
1628 Bug Report core/opt Low bluez: fix README New
1605 Improvement prt-get Low prt-get: add check for missing dependencies of installe... New
1604 Improvement pkgutils Low Pkgfile(5) manual New
1597 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: faster strip_files() function New 3.4
1576 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: flexible footprint check New
1552 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: default JOBS=nproc New 3.4
1515 Bug Report core/opt Low gdb: fix building when guile-2.2 is installed New
1484 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: parallel compression/decompression New
1476 Improvement pkgutils Low pkgmk: show the complete error message from signify New
1444 Feature Request ports Low More keys in portdb New
1440 Bug Report website Low flyspray: broken links New
1435 Feature Request core/opt Low Offline Handbook New
1423 Feature Request ports Very Low move the remaining man-pages from /usr/man to /usr/shar... New
1382 Improvement core/opt Low pkgmk checks of directory permissions are too strict New
975 Improvement ports Low Python Ports and VirtualEnv New
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