Flyspray:: Flyspray:: CRUX: Recently opened tasks 2018-05-25T02:36:50Z FS#1660: opt/wireshark 2.4.4 ->2.6.1 2018-05-25T02:36:50Z 2018-05-25T02:36:50Z
Wireshark needs an update. Also, FYI, I think the project is deprecating gtk support - maybe switch the gtk3 dep for a qt4 dep and erase the graphics-related selections from the ./configure script.
Ryan Mullen
FS#1659: change repo on portdb to version 3.4 2018-05-23T03:29:33Z 2018-05-23T03:29:33Z
please, change repo on to version 3.4

Example: in portdb
core 101 rsync core-ports at crux dot nu

search result dont show packages on 3.4 release
John doe
FS#1658: core/lilo fails to download 2018-05-23T09:04:42Z 2018-05-22T11:11:47Z

Yesterday I started getting 404 errors while downloading lilo
from [1]. (I build the core ports occasionally, never had this
problem before.)

I tried to navigate to the file in a browser and found [2],
where clicking brings to a login page which says

> You've been redirected to this login page because you have
> tried accessing a page that was not available to you as an
> anonymous user.

So I figured either started requiring
password or they are having problems with their web server.

For the time being I switched to downloading from (I really should have cached my downloads but
that's another story). Please find a patch attached to this

Probably the best way is to contact maintainers
but I am leaving it up to you ;)

Vladislav Ivanishin
FS#1657: shell script example in Hadbook 2018-05-23T07:07:43Z 2018-05-21T18:15:52Z


Please, fix:

-if [ "${TYPE}" = "DHCP" ]; then
+if [ "${TYPE}" == "DHCP" ]; then
Alex Texov
FS#1656: opt/gimp is outdated 2018-05-06T19:27:05Z 2018-05-06T19:27:05Z
The opt/gimp port is outdated.
"The current stable release of GIMP is 2.10.0 (2018-04-27)."~
Jan-Michael Franz
FS#1655: python 2.7.14 -> 2.7.15 to resolve multiple security fixes 2018-05-05T13:15:57Z 2018-05-05T10:03:24Z
Fixes: update to 2.7.15
FS#1654: freetype 2.9 -> 2.9.1 to fix CVE-2018-6942 2018-05-03T22:02:40Z 2018-05-03T20:21:54Z

Fix: Update to 2.9.1
FS#1651: gegl: fail to build if ffmpeg4 is installed 2018-05-07T12:00:26Z 2018-04-30T05:50:01Z
FS#1650: libconfig: 1.6 -> 1.7.2 2018-04-23T08:33:39Z 2018-04-23T08:33:39Z
Once it's updated, I'll drop it from 6c37/crux-ports.
FS#1649: [hexchat] Update to 2.14.1, switch to meson 2018-04-20T13:02:08Z 2018-04-20T13:02:08Z
Hexchat switched to using meson as a build system recently, afaik.
Differences to current hexhcat build are
- using python3
- meson autodetectes lua, instead of explicitly setting it
Works for me[tm]
Predrag Ivanovic